Sunday, 7 June 2015

My Reading

WALT: make my reading sound like talking.

Create a ‘movenote’ or a 'show me' on the ipad to share your learning.
Take a photo of the book you are reading and record yourself reading one or two pages.
Remember to show your learning - check the success criteria… 
Have you reached your goal?

Success Criteria:
  • I read the punctuation (full stops, commas, exclamation marks…).
  • I scoop the whole sentence with my eyes.
  • I have included a picture of the book I am reading.
  • I read in a clear voice.

How I am going
I read the punctuation
Kerri thinks

I scoop the whole sentence with my eyes
Kerri thinks

I have included a picture of the book I am reading.
Kerri thinks

 I read in a clear voice. 
Kerri thinks


I really like: reading because it's my favourite thing

I think I need to practice: reading more books 

Something that really helped me was: looking at the pictures.

Kerri thinks

Wow Brodie! What fantastic reading!!. You use the pictures, the start sound chunk and what the story is about to help work out tricky words. You read the full stops to make sure your reading makes sense. You are working hard to make sure your reading sounds like talking. What a champion!

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