Sunday, 10 May 2015


We use our mihi to introduce ourselves. It helps others to know where we are from and to see if there are any connections. We have been working hard to learn the RSS mihi and have created some art to go with it.

We were inspired by our trip to the Marae last term and the way koru are used as part of a pattern to tell stories. In our art we have used koru to represent the people in our families. We have chosen their favourite colours to add another detail to our story. We chose a background for our koru to help share our connections.

Success Criteria:
  • My art tells a story about me 
  • I can say the Mihi clearly
  •  I use expression when I speak

How I am going

My art tells a story about me 
Kerri thinks

I can say the Mihi clearly
Kerri thinks

I use expression when I speak
Kerri thinks


I really like: I like the mountains the most because I tall and pointy

It was really hard when: the river was the hardest part for me because it was hard to draw

Something that really helped me was: my brain really helped me pronounce the words in Maori 

Kerri Thinks
Your art tells a story about you and your family. You have thought about the colours you want to use so they mathc your family. It is really tricky to learn words in a new language and you do a great job at trying your very best. Ka pai Brodie

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