Friday, 20 February 2015

Maths - geometry

We have been learning about shapes and position words. Position words tell us where something is or where it is going. 

We use words like: On the cushion, on the mat, In front, behind, the back of the class, around, under, beside, between, middle, on top, in, through, out, off. 
We have also learned about turns and can make full and half turns. Quarter turns were new for us and can be tricky.

Task: Pick a picture of the blocks in a pattern (dont show your buddy). Using our maths words describe how to make the pattern. Remember to give accurate clear instructions.

Success Criteria:
  • I use the correct names for shapes 
  • I use our maths postiton words
  • I  give clear instructions about position
  • I follow postion instructions

My Shapes

I use the correct names for shapes

I use our maths postiton words

I give clear instructions about position

I follow position instructions


I can: I can use their real names. I like playing Simon says to help me learn how to turn

It was hard when: it was hard to listen to my buddy when I didn't understand them.

I really liked: making the pictures.

Kerri thinks

You are working hard to use the shapes correct names and all your maths postion language. You have been listening and I can see you like learning about maths in the playground. Sometines it can be tricky to give clear instructions without pointing and showing with your hands, you just need to keep on practising.

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